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Director: Michael Winfrey & Nick Snapp    Producer: Joe Rosati     Executive Producer: Ken Legary   Screenwriter: Michael Winfrey

Joe Rosati    Michael Winfrey    Nick Snapp    Ben Warner



Joe is at that point in his life where he doesn't know what road to take; he is in "Limbo." He has lost his business, his girl, and

his self esteem. But thankfully he has friends. Mike, Nick and Ben, will stop at nothing to see Joe smile again.


 "Limbo" is based off of several real life events that happened to Joe Rosati. Joe used to own a night club that eventually was forced to shut

down. Desperate for a change, he attended a local college wanting a fresh start to things in his life. He enrolled in an acting class where he met

 Michael Winfrey, Nick Snapp and Ben Warner. The four all hit it off and by the end of the quarter they had planned to make a film about Joe's'



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